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Our Speakers

The ISM can provide your group or class with knowledgeable individuals who are qualified to address a wide variety of topics. Speaking programs can be conducted at your place or at the Islamic Center.

Our speakers are dedicated to raising awareness about the Muslim community, the Islamic faith, dispelling myths and stereotypes about Islam and Muslims, exposing Islamophobia, and providing information about our local Muslim community. Our speakers have addressed school groups from grade school to college, church groups, professional groups (nurses, law enforcement, etc.), business groups, and many others.


Our speakers are not limited to these topics and locations.


Want to learn about the Islamic faith? Confused about what is represented in the media? We will explain the basics!

Current Issues

Would you like to hear a mainstream Muslim speaker address a current issue or topic? Our speakers are willing to answer any questions.


The Qur'an is the Muslim scripture. Would you like to know what the Qur'an really says (not what the media claims)?

Muhammad (PBUH)

The life of Prophet Muhammad is well-documented. Find out why this man is loved by over 1.5 billion people.

Christianity and Islam

Do we believe in the same God? What are similarities and differences in our faiths?

Women in Islam

Are Muslim women oppressed? Learn more about the very important role women have played throughout Islamic history.

Social Justice

Islam is concerned about many social justice issues, including racism, poverty and other social justice issues.

Muslim History

Learn about the history of Muslims from the 7th century until today. Learn about Islamic civilization and contemporary events.

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