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ISM Condemns Boko Haram's Kidnapping of Schoolgirls

Condemnation May 07, 2014

The Islamic Society of Milwaukee stands with all local, national and international Muslim organizations in completely condemning the kidnapping of the hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls by the terror group known as “Boko Haram”. This extremist group, which has been in existence for over a decade, has launched cowardly attacks against Muslims, Christians and other groups in Nigeria. This latest attack is a reflection of the extremist nature of this group which completely contradicts fundamental Islamic values and principles. The clear and fundamental Quranic mandates that Boko Haram has violated in which they must be held accountable for in this life and before God include the following:

  • Kidnapping is absolutely forbidden, as no individual can be denied their basic freedom
  • Threatening the girls is absolutely unacceptable and immoral since all human life is sacred
  • Attacking the girls at schools for obtaining an education is especially reprehensible since education is a right (many say requirement) for both females and males
  • Forcing those girls who are Christian to “convert” explicitly violates the Quranic injunction that God granted everyone the right to choose her own faith (or no faith at all)
  • Reports that some of the girls were being forced into marriage is another heinous crime since the Quran and the clear teachings of Prophet Muhammad gave women the irrevocable right to choose their marriage partner without any sort of coercion
  • Overall, the actions of the Boko Haram terror group violates all the teachings of Islam where men are commanded to always treat their wives, daughter and other women in a kind and respectful manner

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