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Sammy M. Hamzeh

Condemnation January 26, 2016
Scottish Rite Freemasons of Wisconsin

It is being widely reported that Sammy M. Hamzeh has been arrested following an investigation by the FBI’s Milwaukee office. The Islamic Society of Milwaukee leadership is not familiar with Sammy Hamzeh and he is not a recognized attendee of any of our facilities. The Islamic Society and its members are deeply troubled by the allegations that Sammy Hamzeh wanted to attack the Scottish Masonic Temple in downtown Milwaukee.

While we respect the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, we fully support law enforcement efforts to apprehend dangerous individuals of any background.

The Islamic Society of Milwaukee condemns all violent extremism and the use of violence against innocent lives. Targeting civilians’ lives and property is forbidden in Islam. Further, it is the civic and religious duty of Muslims to cooperate with law enforcement authorities and protect the lives of all civilians. We pray for the safety and security of our country and community and we will continue to work in partnership with law enforcement.

Milwaukee ISM Humphrey Center